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kaylee rowena

(she/her, they/them, or xe/xem; pronounced "roe-when-uh") is a baltimore-based comic creator & illustrator and a big fan of ghost stories and all things haunted. she graduated from SVA's cartooning program in 2020.

they can be contacted by shouting into the closest haunted house and asking the ghosts inside to pass along your message, or via the following methods:

CONTACT: kayleerowena@gmail.com

SOCIAL: twitter / tumblr / instagram / patreon

interested in hiring me? i'm not currently available for personal commissions, but i'm always down to discuss freelance illustration and comics work. i'm especially interested in gothic horror, unique takes on haunted house stories, and comics in unconventional formats. if you've got a project you think i'd be a good fit for, shoot me an email! i'm currently looking to line up work for early 2023.


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about this website

this website was built by kaylee rowena in 2022 & is hosted on neocities. credits to david desandro's masonry code & mohamed fesal's lightbox code. fonts are jetbrains mono & dancing script. if anything's broken, please let me know so i can fix it!

if you're an artist who wants to move away from big site-builders and code your own site & need some pointers, feel free to reach out any time! i'm totally willing to share parts of my code and things i've learned along the way as an amateur coder. if you're curious about what updates i've made to the site since you last visited, i have an updates log.