about me

hi there! welcome to my little corner of the internet!

i'm kaylee rowena (she/her, they/them, or xe/xem; pronounced roe-when-uh) & i'm a comic artist and illustrator haunting baltimore, maryland. i love telling stories about ghosts, haunted houses, complicated lesbians, and all things uncanny and unknown. i graduated from sva's cartooning program in 2020.

interested in hiring me? i'm currently available for personal haunted house commissions, & i'm always open to discussing freelance illustration and comics work. i'm especially interested in gothic horror, unique takes on haunted house stories, stories about morally complex lesbians, and comics that play with unconventional formats. if you've got a project you think i'd be a good fit for, shoot me an email! i'm currently looking to line up work for summer & fall 2023.

books & other publications

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2023 conventions

past conventions

  • sva fresh meat, nyc — april 27 2018
  • dc zinefest, washington dc — july 21 2018
  • flamecon, nyc — august 18-19 2018
  • ny queer zine fair, nyc — october 13-14 2018
  • dc zinefest, washington dc — july 20 2019
  • bluestockings comics fest — august 8 & 12 2019
  • flamecon, nyc — august 17-18 2019
  • brooklyn independent comics showcase, nyc — april 9 2022
  • bluestockings digital comics fest - may 23-29 2022
  • toronto comic arts festival, toronto — june 17-19 2022
  • flamecon, nyc — august 20-21 2022
  • spx, bethesda maryland — september 17-18 2022
  • hallowzine, baltimore maryland — october 29 2022

about this website

this website was hand-coded with love by kaylee rowena in 2023. it was made using atom & firefox and is hosted on neocities. it should be pretty decently mobile-compatible. if anything's broken, please let me know so i can fix it!

if you're an artist who wants to move away from big site-builders and code your own site & need some pointers, feel free to reach out any time! i'm totally willing to share parts of my code and things i've learned along the way as an amateur mostly-self-taught coder. more here about why i decided to code my own website & why i think it's important to have our own spaces on the web!

if you're curious about what updates i've made to the site since you last visited, i have an updates log.