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weeknotes #1

june 05 2024

i've been wanting to post more here, but i've run into that classic problem of not knowing what to say & doubting i have anything interesting enough happening to blog about. you know how it is. i'm trying my hand at doing weeknotes - roughly weekly (though i may switch to monthly) updates on what projects i'm working on, cool things i've found on the internet, media i'm enjoying, what's happening in my personal life, etc.

ideally, this will serve dual purposes:

  1. giving me a casual place to dump whatever's going on currently without the pressure of a blog post needing to Mean Somethingβ„’, and
  2. giving you (whoever happens to be reading these posts) a glimpse behind the scenes, the same way my currently section on my homepage or a now page might, but a little more granularly.

of course, it might also fizzle out within 2 weeks and we'll just have to promise never to speak of it again. we'll see.

june, week 1

working on:

  • 🏚 almost finished with my haunted house illustration for how a game lives
  • ✈️ trying to prepare for a2caf, which is next weekend
  • 🎨 catching up on old commissions - i've got 2 left to finish up and then i think i'll be through my to-do list!
  • πŸ“• i should be getting things together to send haunts v2.0 to print, but that's slightly on the backburner to focus on the other things here. i keep planning kickstarters for right before i'll be moving to (hopefully) another city, which means the question of "where do i order the books to be sent to" is... up in the air, especially since books take a few months to manufacture/ship, so them arriving would line up pretty much exactly with my lease ending. i'll figure it out after a2caf.

general life stuff:

  • πŸ’« i'm back to full-time freelancing! slightly nerve-wracking but i'm excited to do art all the time again. once i remember how to draw.
  • πŸͺ‘ i got a new desk! it's much bigger than my old one, which i'm hoping will mean i actually use it instead of doing all my work on my couch with my dining table pulled up close to it to put my laptop on. i might've injured my back slightly trying to drag a big heavy desk down the street and up to my apartment, but a free desk is probably worth a bit of pain, right? hopefully? maybe?
  • πŸͺ‘ i also got a sewing machine recently, but i haven't sat down to figure out how to use it yet. i vaguely know how to use a sewing machine, but i'm generally a lot more comfortable sewing by hand right now.
  • πŸ’Š once again out of my adhd meds due to the ongoing shortage, which really sucks. at this point i'm almost used to having to go without meds for a couple weeks until somewhere gets it in stock every month - but that means i'm spending a good chunk of my time functioning at like 30% capacity, so if i'm not responding to emails quickly, that's why.
  • πŸŽ™ i guested on a podcast for the first time this week! assuming i can keep this weeknotes thing going for at least 2 weeks, there should be a link to that in next week's update. i also played guitar at an open mic night for the first time last week, which was very brave of me even if i was too nervous for it to be very good, objectively speaking.
  • πŸ₯– baked some challah last night for the first time in like... 6 or 7 months ish, probably

listening to:

  • πŸ•Ή something rotten (podcast) -> jacob geller & blake hester exploring dark, nihilistic, rotten video games. i'm not a gamer myself (i say hiding my 300+ hours playing balatro behind my back) but i love listening to people talk about games!
  • ⏰ sixteenth minute (of fame) (podcast) -> jamie loftus examines past main characters of the internet, such as Slide Cop and Coffee Wife. if you're terminally online like me, this podcast is fascinating.
  • 🎧 bark your head off dog - hop along (album)

things from around the internet:

  • βŒ›οΈ weiwei xu's comic logs -> a really neat way of visualizing this same sort of update log! hasn't been updated in a couple years, but it's cool to look back at.
  • ⛅️ dioramas.space by elisabeth nicula -> "a website for tending to the emotional landscape amidst climate disaster," to quote the artist. a really interesting internet art exhibit of dreamlike combinations of images, code, and text.
    • sort of reminds me of a liang chan's dream journals
    • another bit of writing by nicula that i found and am slightly obsessed with:

      I have been thinking about his apartment in Chelsea that I never visited because I wasn't alive yet and even if I had been alive I may not have visited. I would like to be of a place even though all of them are fucked.
  • πŸ“Ί kickscondor.com -> warning for flashing images, but i think this website is so neat and such a fun way to collect links to various other websites.

obligatory self promo bit:

  • πŸ‘š i've got some cool new shirts on my bonfire store, including one that forced me to explain the entire plot of the haunting of hill house to my grandma on the phone
  • πŸ“ patreon, ko-fi, etc. i had to buy groceries yesterday, which are expensive, so consider tossing me a couple bucks if you like my art and have some change to spare.

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