update log

  • 08.10.23 added the other art page, and its subpages, zines & design. also fixed a weird glitch in the lightbox code so that should be running more smoothly now, hopefully!
  • 06.19.23 another complete site overhaul! simplifying things some - less fancy stuff, less javascript, less border-radiuses.
  • 05.30.23 changed the about page layout a bit to have the links on the side & more easily accessible. also changed the footer and home page slightly, but not too much.
  • 03.28.23 some boring file infrastructure stuff, because neocities was having some trouble finding my comics pages. also added a review of haunts to the haunts page & changed the formatting for the blog page!
  • 03.22.23 i was bound to forget some things when redoing the site, so i've fixed a few of those: mobile responsiveness (a couple pages were doing really wonky things on mobile, but they should be fixed now) & embedding fonts!
  • 03.21.23 complete site overhaul! new layout, new links page & blog page, sorting that actually works on the gallery pages, etc. got rid of the design page, since most of the work i've been doing lately hasn't been graphic design-oriented and it felt unnecessary.
  • 11.20.22 updated /haunts, replaced index image
  • 10.05.22 added haunts page, made links menu collapsible on mobile
  • 09.01.22 added hiraeth and diet milk to "books and features" section on about page, changed location in about page & footer to baltimore (i'm moving!)
  • 08.09.22 made updates page, added tooltips on hover of social media icons in sidebar, added and removed a few pieces from the illustration page
  • 08.01.22 fixed footer so it stays at the bottom on the index page, added newsletter form

    to-do list

    • add image descriptions to all images for accessibility
    • add zines
    • add design page
    • set up rss feed

    in rememberance of old layouts

    jun 2023 - jul 2023

    well. i described my last layout change as "short-lived", and i guess i needed to one-up that. this one lasted a month before i decided i didn't actually like it & it didn't feel like 'me'.

    mar 2023 - jun 2023

    a rather short-lived layout - i decided it was a little too polished, a little too complicated, and had a little too many finnicky code things going on, so i simplified a bit into something that'll be easier to update & will feel like less pressure to put things on, hopefully.

    feb 2022 - mar 2023

    my first attempt at coding my own site from scratch! served me well for a year or so, and now it's time for something new.