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weeknotes #2

june 17 2024   /   <~ previous week

currently...    ->    it's an extremely hot, humid evening in michigan / listening to something rotten's metal gear solid 2 series / reading the language of the night by ursula k le guin, which i picked up at literati bookstore my first day in ann arbor / drinking a chocolate milkshake

june, week 2

working on:

  • 🌠 a2caf is done! i had such a good time, everyone there was really lovely, and the organizers of a2caf clearly care so much about making sure the artists there are taken care of, which is such a nice feeling. (they gave us free lunch! it was delicious!!) it wasn't the most profitable con i've ever done moneywise, but i think if i lived nearby or if i crashed with someone instead of getting a hotel, it'd totally be worth it to do it again, because the vibes were absolutely fantastic. we'll see!
  • 💾 i got to talking with some folks at a2caf about making a webring for comic artists (and especially ones who are crafting their websites as a personalized space and not solely a gallery of images), so stay tuned for that, maybe?
  • 🧭 on the subject of coding: i'm working on turning some old snippets of haunted house writing into a little interactive thing for this site. here's a tiny preview of that:

  • 🔎 is the font on this site too small? i feel like the font on this site might be too small. gimme your opinions, i've got a little comments section down at the bottom of this page. (or just leave a comment about miscellaneous things! what are you up to this week, dear reader?)

general life stuff:

  • ⏰ i'm flying back home tomorrow afternoon! very excited to sleep in my own bed again and have my emotional support coffee shop a 5 minute walk away.
  • 🗺 i did have a ton of fun exploring ann arbor for the past couple days, though! some highlights:
    • 🌈 north star lounge -> i went to a queer open mic night here last thursday, and may or may not have read some poetry in front of other real human beings for the first time ever. (i almost certainly won't be posting them on here, but if you see me at conventions i might have a little zine for sale of some poems.)
    • 🌙 vault of midnight -> a comic shop where i found a copy of the witch's wings in the wild for the very first time! i went there immediately after traveling for 4 hours and dying a bit from lugging around my suitcase in 90º+ heat, so as you can imagine, i was very normal about it all. if you're in ann arbor, you can now grab a copy signed by yours truly!
    • 👗 the getup vintage -> i didn't get to do much shopping while in ann arbor, but i popped in here after the first day of the con and they had some beautiful vintage fabrics for like $2. i got some mustard yellow corduroy that i think i'm going to try making shorts out of, and a pink and yellow plaid/check piece that i might make into a dress.
    • 🪦 forest hill cemetery -> i wandered around here for a while last friday and did some sketching. also saw a bunch of chipmunks and a groundhog!
  • 🔮 i have a bit of a break from conventions now — unless i'm forgetting something (always possible), my next one is flamecon, which isn't until mid-august. my top priorities for this break are gonna be
    • figure out my apartment situation/what city i'll be living in when my lease ends,
    • catch up on all my commissions,
    • get materials together to pitch the comic i've been slowly working on,
    • order everything for haunts 2.0,
    • and maybe open up my online shop again for a month or so

listening to:

  • 🕹 something rotten (podcast) still. not a whole lotta podcast or music listening this past week, since i've been mostly busy conventioning.

things from around the internet:

  • 🔬 taper.badquar.to -> an online lit mag filled with code-based poetry. some of it reads mostly like regular poetry you might find in print, and some of it is extremely experimental. i can't remember where i found the link to this site, but i find everything on it so fascinating.
  • 🧚 i didn't get to see any of these in person, but i found urban-fairies.com - a charmingly old-school website documenting fairy doors in ann arbor since 2005 — through atlas obscura & i think it's delightful.
  • 📚 /canon -> brendan schlagel on "canonizing" / creating a website page full of the inspirations & influences that have most shaped you! i'm tossing making one of my own on my to-do list, because i think it's really interesting.

obligatory self promo bit:

  • 🍒 jenna stoeber was kind enough to have me on her wonderful podcast big game hunger for my first podcast appearance ever, and you can listen to chirry pit vs new hampshire now! the hot new ttrpg everyone's talking about, where you play as a butch bartender trying to seduce and/or intimidate local government officials via elaborate cherry-related tongue tricks. i'll be honest: when i said "cherry with an i" i meant cherri and not chirry but i'm not going to correct it now because i think this is much funnier.
  • 🖼 my print shop is having a sale again! everything's 20% off!
  • ☕️ patreon, ko-fi, etc.
  • 👕 i've also got some new stuff up on my bonfire shirt store!

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