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weeknotes #3

july 01 2024   /   <~ previous week

currently...    ->    it's shockingly nice out! / listening to julien baker's cover of no children / reading the dead take the a train by cassandra khaw & richard kadrey / eating a cinnamon roll / drinking an iced lavender honey latte

june, week 4 / july, week 1

(forgot to do weeknotes last week, so this counts for both!)

working on:

  • 🔎 i'm hiding some secret little pixel adoptables around the site! if you find them, they all have a bit of code underneath to adopt them and add them onto your own site, if you have one. currently they're on one page (hint: 🔮), but i'm planning to add more in the future!!
  • 👾 i made a cute new sticker sheet for my patreon this month which i'm soooo excited about. they should be arriving in the mail in the next few days, and then i'll be sending them out to people!
  • 🌌 artfight starts today! if you're not familiar: artfight's a month-long art trading game where you win points for your team by drawing other peoples' original characters. this will be my second year doing it! i'm gonna be pretty casual about it, but if you're also participating, follow me @haunting!
  • 🌟 hoping to start chipping away at my deck of spirits project again!

general life stuff:

  • 🚚 i'm reaching the point where i need to start properly figuring out where i'm gonna be living when my lease is up at the start of september. i reaaaallly wanna move back to nyc — i moved to baltimore almost 2 years ago because i really wanted to try living alone, and now i've proven to myself that i can live alone, but i've realized i'm happier living with other people / in nyc where most of my friends still are. if anyone reading this knows people in nyc who might be looking for roommates around that time, send them my way/shoot me a dm or email?

listening to:

things from around the internet:

  • ✏️ pseudonym jones organized #MakeATerribleComicDay last week! you can see peoples' comics in the bsky hashtag (or probably on other sites too).
    (tbh forcing myself to make something without thinking about it or worrying about it being perfect or presentable has been SO freeing for my artistic practice in general — i've always gotten myself stuck in a trap of perfectionism, hampered further by 8 years of art school convincing me everything needs to have meaning and symbolism and be original and innovative and etc. in the week since terrible comic day, i've been doodling in my sketchbook way more, which feels great!!)

obligatory self promo bit:

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