the witch's wings & other terrifying tales

written by tehlor kay meija published by amulet books 2023 horror middle-grade graphic novel

based on nickelodeon's hit horror franchise are you afraid of the dark?, an original horror graphic novel series with three all-new stories based on hispanic urban legends and cultural lore.

A quick, compelling, and creepy collection that’s sure to be a reader favorite. - kirkus (starred)

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2022 experimental horror minicomic riso-printed

a short adaptation of mark z danielwski's house of leaves

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the scent of may rain

story by mark stack & rae epstein published by weekend warrior comics 2020 magical realism graphic novella

esther is a jewish golem woman who is brought to life in 1920 and told that her place is to serve. follow her over the next 100 years of her life as she becomes a mother, a fighter — and maybe even her own person.

✧ listed as one of's 10 best comics by jewish creators

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2020-present autobio diary minicomic(s)

hourly comics day & other short autobiographical works

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