comics & other stories

collaborative projects

the witch's wings and other terrifying tales (2023)

an are you afraid of the dark? graphic novel, coming to bookstores october 3 2023!
story by tehlor kay mejia.

53 pg
full color

preorder here!

party of your afterlife (2021)

a time-traveling, haunted follow-up to finding peace.
story by jordan alsaqa.

10 pg
full color

the scent of may rain (2020)

a graphic novella following a golem woman through a hundred years of life.
story by mark stack & rae epstein.

48 pg
full color

solo projects

haunts (2022)

a haunted house illustration artbook.
63 pg
full color

labyrinthouse (2022)

a short riso-printed experimental adaptation of mark z. danielewski's house of leaves.
8 pg
full color

gravehouse (2020)

an interactive short story about exploring a haunted house that used to be home.
1500 words

decaying orbit (2020)

a sci-fi horror about an endless spaceship eternally under construction and the ghosts within it.
10 pg
black & white

autobio shorts

hourly comics challenges & other short autobiographical work.