business card. 2021.
type layout for epilogue essay in 'haunts'. 2022.
'haunts' artbook cover. 2022.
'eat the rich' button & backing card (redesigned). 2022.
'eat the rich' button & backing card. 2018.
cover for the ttrpg tournament arc. 2018.
cover for party of your afterlife. 2021.
cover for the scent of may rain. 2020.
a mock gig poster for the mountain goats, riso-printed. 2018.
riso print inspired by the mountain goats' song scavenger babies. 2022.
preorder graphic. 2021.
album cover for a band. 2020.
t-shirt design for a band. 2021.
a fake trading card for florian yuniesky from the game blaseball. 2021.