about this website!

this website was hand-coded with love by kaylee rowena in 2023/2024. it was made using atom & firefox and is hosted on neocities. it should be pretty decently mobile-compatible. if anything's broken, please let me know so i can fix it!

this site is somewhere in the venn diagram of a professional portfolio & a whimsical little personal website. i like the idea of things being slightly less polished & having a bit more personality than a standard portfolio site.

i'm super passionate about artists having our own spaces on the internet that aren't controlled by the whims of the social media gods or limited by the restrictions of big site-builders, which is why i started coding my websites myself. if you're looking to do the same and need some pointers, feel free to reach out via email any time! i'm always happy to share bits of my code & things i've learned along the way as an amateur mostly-self-taught coder.

fonts used on this site are victor mono, solide mirage, & basteleur.

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here you'll find other peoples' writing on why they made their own websites, and various other pages that have inspired me!