kaylee rowena - updates


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new page: /projects/camera, collecting the lil photo diaries i've been keeping with disposable cameras!! i just got 4 cameras' worth of photos developed, so there's lots of new stuff on there.


coming soon: a second printing of HAUNTS: A HAUNTED HOUSE ARTBOOK coming to kickstarter friday, march 22! follow the pre-launch page here!


brand new original characters database, where i'll be adding stuff about my favorite funny little guys. there's a couple characters up now & more to come eventually.


added the other art page, and its subpages, zines & design. also fixed a weird glitch in the lightbox code so that should be running more smoothly now, hopefully!


another complete site overhaul! simplifying things some - less fancy stuff, less javascript, less border-radiuses.


changed the about page layout a bit to have the links on the side & more easily accessible. also changed the footer and home page slightly, but not too much.


some boring file infrastructure stuff, because neocities was having some trouble finding my comics pages. also added a review of haunts to the haunts page & changed the formatting for the blog page!


i was bound to forget some things when redoing the site, so i've fixed a few of those: mobile responsiveness (a couple pages were doing really wonky things on mobile, but they should be fixed now) & embedding fonts!


complete site overhaul! new layout, new links page & blog page, sorting that actually works on the gallery pages, etc. got rid of the design page, since most of the work i've been doing lately hasn't been graphic design-oriented and it felt unnecessary.


updated /haunts, replaced index image


added haunts page, made links menu collapsible on mobile


added hiraeth and diet milk to "books and features" section on about page, changed location in about page & footer to baltimore (i'm moving!)


made updates page, added tooltips on hover of social media icons in sidebar, added and removed a few pieces from the illustration page


fixed footer so it stays at the bottom on the index page, added newsletter form, created updates log